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Who we are
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer covering the entire aluminum industry chain. It is specialized in thermoelectric, mining, and producing aluminum products, holding sustainability and social welfare at its core.
What we do
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer with an annual production capacity of more than 6 million tonnes per year. Innovation-centered and quality-focused, it has a diverse product portfolio that covers the aluminum industry chain and extends into the energy sector.
Environmental, Social and Governance
As one of the largest aluminum producers in the world, China Hongqiao holds its core value of “from society and for society” and keeps committed to social welfare and environmental protection.
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2019, its total assets reached 179.6 billion yuan.
China Hongqiao employs more than 43,000 workers in its 11 production bases in China and overseas. Hongqiao is dedicated to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment and diverse opportunities.
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Cayman Islands and listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2018, it has a total assets of 176.7 billion yuan and more than 40000 employees. It is a large-scale enterprise integrating thermoelectricity
Chairman & CEO Zhang Bo selected by China Development Forum (CDF)’s “Voices” Section to share “His 2020”

China Development Forum (CDF)’s “Voices” Section invites Forum’s delegates to share their experiences and feelings over the past year with the companies they lead, their industries and countries under the title "My 2020".


Selected to share “His 2020”, today's CDF voice is Zhang Bo, chairman of China Hongqiao Group.

At the beginning of his speech, Zhang Bo recalled what an extraordinary year 2020 and how everyone did an amazing job getting through the pandemic.


He recalls how the COVID-19 outbreak caught all of us unprepared. Especially when considering that Hongqiao is a factory with over 100,000 employees. When counting in their family members, that number goes up to 300,000. All it would take is one infected person to expose the lives of all our employees and their families to danger. Also, our production operations would be greatly affected. But one trait shared by all Hongqiao members is not to be afraid of difficulties. We always stand up against the obstacles bravely to solve them.


Hongqiao took immediate action by donating money to Wuhan and Binzhou. Another challenge we faced was the lack of masks. It was a desperate feeling to know that our medical staff in the ICU were not yet well-protected. So, we immediately resorted to our offices abroad to purchase the urgently needed medical supplies and fly them to China. Thanks to a very rapid response, we were able to supply our front line medical stuff and protect our citizens.


And, when the epidemic began to spread abroad, we responded equally fast by purchasing from domestic institutions and shipping them to the international community. We are glad to have been able to help Italy, Germany, Spain and Indonesia, making donations based on local situations.

A Much Prosperous Future


Now, with the pandemic behind us, we can concentrate in developing clean and green energy, which is the main direction of Hongqiao.

We started amid the pandemic in 2020 by building a green aluminum industry chain in Yunnan with a sustainable industrial park that covers over 3,600 mu with a capacity of over six million tons.


By transferring more than two million tons to Yunnan in the first phase, one-third of our capacity is now powered by hydroelectric power. After we started our Yunnan project. What makes us even happier is that by transferring our plant to Yunnan, we are helping alleviate poverty by providing thousands of migrant workers with a proper job and improved working conditions. Through our training program, we are helping underprivileged workers  become skilled industrial workers. We are also bringing our seniors and children programs for them to guarantee that their dependent family members are taken good care of.


Our goal is to get the industry, forestry, and agriculture to co-exist and develop harmoniously.


This is for us the best way to pursue green development. Our factory is an environmentally friendly plant, surrounded by green trees. We are also teaching local farmers to grow potatoes and other economic crops.


For us, the fact that we can alleviate poverty through industrial development while adjusting our energy structure by shifting capacity is our motivation to keep focusing on our future development.


This year marks the Year of Ox in the Chinese lunar calendar. The Ox is an animal characterized by the untiring spirit of cultivation and hard work. With the spirit of the Ox, we will never cease to propel innovative development, green development and high-quality development, thus produce more and better products for people in China and all over the world.