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Who we are
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer covering the entire aluminum industry chain. It is specialized in thermoelectric, mining, and producing aluminum products, holding sustainability and social welfare at its core.
What we do
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer with an annual production capacity of more than 6 million tonnes per year. Innovation-centered and quality-focused, it has a diverse product portfolio that covers the aluminum industry chain and extends into the energy sector.
Environmental, Social and Governance
As one of the largest aluminum producers in the world, China Hongqiao holds its core value of “from society and for society” and keeps committed to social welfare and environmental protection.
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2019, its total assets reached 179.6 billion yuan.
China Hongqiao employs more than 43,000 workers in its 11 production bases in China and overseas. Hongqiao is dedicated to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment and diverse opportunities.
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Cayman Islands and listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2018, it has a total assets of 176.7 billion yuan and more than 40000 employees. It is a large-scale enterprise integrating thermoelectricity
China Hongqiao Group "Dual Carbon" Work Report by Roland Berger Global

On Tuesday December 28, China Hongqiao Group held  a meeting on the company’s path towards peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality -also known as “dual carbon goals”.

In the meeting held in Hongqiao’s headquarter in Binzhou, Shandong, Mr. Denis Depoux, Global Managing Director and Managing Director of Greater China at Roland Berger, explained the significance of Hongqiao’s “dual carbon” project, which was initiated by Hongqiao early this year in collaboration with Roland Berger. He also elaborated on the prospect of the project and the strategic collaboration, and detailed further actions needed to realize carbon neutrality.

Denis Depoux shared a detailed report with Hongqiao Chairman and CEO, Zhang Bo, as well as senior representatives from Hongqiao’s Low-Carbon Strategy Committee. The report mapped out Hongqiao’s path towards carbon neutrality, and included details such as carbon calculations results, milestones of the project and specific measures.

In the future, Hongqiao will actively and effectively implement various carbon reduction measures, carry forward the company's dual-carbon work and continue the path towards greener development. 


Actions speak louder than words. In the past year, Hongqiao has already sped up our transition towards greener manufacturing, increasing our usage of cleaner energy and investing in recycling industry. We are also aware that a good planning and scientific measures matters as we go down the green path, that’s why we invite partners like Roland Berger to join our endeavor.


Now that we’ve made solid progress on the strategic planning work and have clarified our future steps, we are more determined than ever to achieve carbon neutrality and commit to the global fight against climate change.