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Who we are
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer covering the entire aluminum industry chain. It is specialized in thermoelectric, mining, and producing aluminum products, holding sustainability and social welfare at its core.
What we do
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer with an annual production capacity of more than 6 million tonnes per year. Innovation-centered and quality-focused, it has a diverse product portfolio that covers the aluminum industry chain and extends into the energy sector.
Environmental, Social and Governance
As one of the largest aluminum producers in the world, China Hongqiao holds its core value of “from society and for society” and keeps committed to social welfare and environmental protection.
China Hongqiao is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2019, its total assets reached 179.6 billion yuan.
China Hongqiao employs more than 43,000 workers in its 11 production bases in China and overseas. Hongqiao is dedicated to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment and diverse opportunities.
China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Cayman Islands and listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2018, it has a total assets of 176.7 billion yuan and more than 40000 employees. It is a large-scale enterprise integrating thermoelectricity
Social Responsibility and Public Welfare
Always concerned about the interest of the local community, China Hongqiao dedicates to improve community welfare and sees that as a realization of its value. The company hosts diverse community service activities that range from tree-planting events and factory cleaning activities to blood donation and safety awareness events. The events draw broad interests from employees.

In 2018, the company planted more than 40,000 trees in its operating locations, helping with local environmental protection efforts while raising awareness among staff. It sponsored the “Rainbow Home” project initiated by Beijing Rainbow Foundation, which creates a space for left-behind children to live, study, make friends and share the love. January 2018 marked the completion and opening of the country’s first “Rainbow Home” in Anhui Province. Located in Dabie Mountain area, the children’s center provides quality education for local left-behind students. It also contributes to the government’s “targeted poverty alleviation” efforts.

In June 2018, Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Electricity Co., Ltd., donated an additional 2 million yuan to Beijing Rainbow Foundation, helping the organization promote equal education, support students in poverty and highlight cognitive development of children. Deeply concerned about the Tibetan children in poverty, employees of Hongqiao have spontaneously organized charity events through social media, collecting old clothes, shoes, hats, living, learning, and bedding for the children. They also purchased sports shoes, school bags, and other materials at their own expense, and sent all resources to more than 40 villagers in Tibet as Children’s Day gifts.

Overseas Contribution

China Hongqiao aligns its policy closely with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. It is committed to adding momentum to the local economy during overseas investment, taking on its social responsibility. Hongqiao’s offshore projects in Guinea and Indonesia have both lead to positive changes and broad recognitions in local communities. 
In 2014, Hongqiao partnered up with Singapore-based shipper Winning International Group, Chinese giant Yantai Port, and Guinea company UMS and formed a coalition named SMB Winning Consortium. Upholding its “win-win development” principle, the Consortium has been contributing to local employment, education, transportation, medical care, entertainment, and community sustainable development projects while developing bauxite resources. The coalition thus initiated a new pattern of multi-party win-win cooperation in overseas mining. 

In December 2018, the Consortium signed three conventions with the Guinean government on railway construction, alumina plant construction, and bauxite resources development, all of which were unanimously approved by the national assembly of Guinea. They were also the first conventions in Guinea’s history to receive that level of supports. Hongqiao’s project in Guinea not only enriched the company’s raw material supply chain, but generated a large number of local jobs and uplifted the local residents’ quality of lives as well. 

On top of complying with local laws and regulations in mining and environmental protection, Winning Consortium has been spontaneously supporting local community development. Its expenditure in community building far exceeded the designated level in Guinea’s mining law, which was 0.5 percent of the company’s sales revenue. All its efforts elevated the living standards of residents in the Boke region of Guinea. As of December 2018, the alliance directly employs more than 5000 local people, with an additional 3,000 employed by subcontractors and service providers. It has brought over 50,000 job opportunities (both directly and indirectly) to Guinea and generated more than $200 million of revenue for the government in 2018. Following the coalition’s lead, more companies and investors from industries like mining, infrastructure construction, and agriculture have flooded into Guinea, bringing further momentum to the development of the local economy.

In Indonesia, China Hongqiao partnered with Singapore-based Winning International Group and local company Harita Group for a joint venture – PT. Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery. It is the largest industrial alumina company in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, which filled the blank in Indonesia’s industry. Sticking to its core value of “people-oriented, win-win cooperation”, the company employed thousands of local workers and drove the economic and social development. With a specialized social responsibility team, PT. Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery initiated numerous projects benefiting local people’s wellbeing. The company was dedicated to maintaining bridges and roads, building mosques and security booths, repairing the damaged coastline, and building schools. It also committed to other community routines like raising funds for people in poverty, donating to schools, assisting with medical care, and firefighting. In 2018, the company continued its win-win relationship with local residents by running facilities that serve both parties in coordination with villagers. Those plantations, farms, and health centers fulfilled the needs of the factories while bringing considerable revenue to local residents. 

In its latest efforts to support overseas communities, China Hongqiao donated necessary medical supplies to Italy and Germany — both countries hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak.